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Eczema On Body, Hands and Lips, 48 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This friend of mine is one the rare case whose hands react to the peeling of banana. She is a blood type A whose diet should be 70% fruits and veg. Hence she tried peeling fruits which aare part of her detox diet and ended up with reactions on her palms.

She is also allergic to soya sauce as her lips will peel. Her eczema used to be occasional except from around Feb 2019, it went very bad. Her back was full of itchy weepy outbreaks and lips had been peeling. She had 2 rounds of steroids, realised it's not working, and seemed like it had spreaded.

I put her on #2OneResetDetoxProgram plus some other body treatments. Yesterday (after 2 weeks) her back was mostly cleared and lips were not peeling anymore. Hands were recovering well until the night before when she came back from KL. Suddenly they became itchy. She suspected it was because she rubbed the hands. But when she told me her wrist area started to have little bumps, i knew it was most likely due to a wrong food she has taken.

We ran through her diet that day and found that she had been taking much sugar. It was not an allergy but food intolerance.

Autoimmune disorders like eczema, hives, IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome etc are highly related to food intolerance. One slice of peanut bread maybe seem harmless but taking 3 slices could trigger eczema.

The common food intolerance is wheat/ gluten, sugar, dairy which includes yogurt and cheese, nuts etc.

Hence my advise to her was to totally avoid these foods until she completed her detox program and till her hands totally recovers.

Jacelyn Tay 31/05/19

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