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Constipation Due To Nutrient Deficiency, 31 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This client was bloated since marriage 3 years ago due to a change in diet with her husband.

This client was bloated since marriage 3 years ago due to a change in diet with her husband. In fact, she had constipation since young, moving her bowel only on alternate days. She experienced insomnia for 2 days before menses. At age 28 menses started to reduce to 2 days instead of the 5 days she had previously. This indicates a lack of blood supply probably due to nutrient deficiency or poor blood circulation.

Ladies, especially at such young age, should have menses for 5 to 7 days till menopause. A reduction in menses may later follow by hair loss and dry, sagging skin - early aging.

During her 21-day detox program with @bodyinc, she had no more constipation, though her poop was not a lot. Menses has improved to 3 days instead of 2 days. However, after the program, her bowel movement went back to alternate days again.

I realize that she was not eating enough after the program because of her fear to put on weight. She specially avoided eating rice. I told her she must start eating, and to eat like how she ate during the program.

Rice is not the main culprit to weight gain.

On the contrary, if she is eating well and eating more wholesome food, her Visceral fat will drop further. One of the reason for constipation is nutrient deficiency. We may think constipation is due to lack of fibre, water or probiotics only. In fact, even a lack in 气 (energy) can contribute to constipation. Eating the right, nutritious food is vital to good bowel movement.

And rice is NOT a problem to most people in terms of weight gain. Please have a staple carbs so that you don't crave for high sugar food like sweets, bubble tea, desserts and all the gluten food made from wheat flour.

The misconceptions about good carbs like rice must be corrected.

Jacelyn Tay 16/09/19

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