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We must change our wrong perception about foods.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Does cutting down rice help weight loss? May not. .

Recently I saw a young client who refused to eat rice or starchy carbs cos she was afraid of weight gain. She had not taken rice for a long time. Her VF (Visceral Fat) was 2. A perfect VF is 1.

She was not overweight but she started to gain a bit of weight recently. She knew she had to do something. Also, she wanna achieve optimum health and the best figure. However, her problem was gummy bear. She needed her sweet treats every day. She loved the chewing on the gummies.

After analyzing her diet and lifestyle habits, I explained that she needed staple food like rice or noodles instead of sweets. And having an unrefined complex carb that slowly releases sugar is much better than her reaching out to simple sugars like gummies. She had doubts when I assured her that eating rice will not cause weight gain.

In fact, eating right will help her VF to go down. A balanced and sustainable diet is the key to maintaining healthy weight and fat%.

She tried it for two weeks. True enough, her VF went to 1 and she lost some weight too. We were both happy. Usually clients freak out when I ask them to add rice during a detox program, especially if they have been on no-rice diet for years.

We must change our wrong perception about foods.

There is a time and place for each food, and there is no good or bad food. It is a matter of whether you need them and can digest them or not. Losing weight is not just about calories counting but a holistic balance in nutrients and functions of each body system. If you think cutting down rice can help you lose weight, ask yourself do you crave for sugar instead?

If you do, your body is telling you something is wrong with your diet.

Jacelyn Tay 25/02/19

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