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Body Inc.'s founder @jacelyn_tay on a case

50 years old, Hypertension, Eczema and Overweight

Jacelyn: "I am very proud of this 50 yr old client who has hypertension and is on medication for it. She was bloated and had eczema. Her purpose at Body Inc. was to lose weight and reduce her fats. I explained that she was nearing menopause. Usually a 35 year old and below might achieve 6kg weight loss and 2 levels drop in visceral fat within 21 days on our 2OneReset Detox Program, but people of her age might only expect half the results or perhaps even less according to their health conditions. My guess for her was about 2kg weight loss and 1 level drop in visceral fat in 21days. I asked her to avoid her favorite milk and nuts due to her eczema.

In only 10 days, her eczema was gone.

She lost 3.4kg and had her visceral fat drop by 1 level. She said she was determined not lose to a 35 year old lolxxx! Wow.. you are really disciplined." 👍

- Jacelyn Tay 27/03/19

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