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Kept Putting On weight Despite Intensive Exercise, 51 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This client found it hard to lose weight despite climbing mountains, walking 40 km, and doing much exercise 2 to 3 times a week.

In fact she put on 5 kg since Jan 2019. She was bloated and could not "sing high pitch" like before during karaoke times. She said her "中气不足" (not enough qi).

She was puzzled why she put on weight despite her exercising intensively. She suspected it was due to the rice and junk food she liked. But it could not be solely due to that because she also burnt much calories.

I explained that we do not count calories, we count nutrients.

She must eat right and eat more in order to lose weight. No hunger is allowed. It is the nutrient imbalance that is related to weight gain. I told her she might see only 1kg weight loss per week because usually for 50 yr old and above, results may be slower than those in 40s and 30s and below.

I put her on detox and nourishment program. She ate out everyday. I assured that it is OK to eat out and still lose weight if she knows how to eat right. She was happy as she found this way of eating sustainable.

After only a week, she lost 2.5 kg, body fat down 1.1%, better than expected. Now we are looking forward to her losing 6 kg in 3 weeks.

Jacelyn Tay 04/05/19

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