Nutrition and management of stress is key to prevent eczema.

Case Studies: Eczema, 24 years old This young client started to have eczema on her inner elbows and hands in 2012. It became worse when she started working in 2019, eczema spread to her limbs. She used to wake up at 2am or 4am to pee in the night, which affected her sleep. She was always tired in the day, had pins and needles on the left side of the head and some blockages on her right ear.

When I checked her diet, which was mainly refined carbs and quantity was little per meal, I planned a nourishing program for her instead of detox.

After 2 weeks, she could sleep well and no more peeing in the middle of the night.

On the third week, her eczema had gone down steadily (especially her arms). No more numbness on the left side of her head.

By the 4th week, eczema on her thighs and legs were all calmed now. No more itch, only left scars. I explained it takes months before scars disappear. Usually before menses she had flareup. This month she never experienced it after the nourishing program.

From 2OneReset® Detox Program, she learnt a few things about herself. If she has good sleep, her skin becomes "白白美美" (her own words, means fair and beautiful). Without ample sleep, she becomes irritable and her skin too.

She also had a habit of scratching in the night unknowingly. I advised her to cut her nails short and wear gloves or mitten. It could be parasomnia (unusual behavior of nervous system) because she used to scratch in the night when eczema flared up. It takes time to deregister this behavior.

Nutrition and management of stress is key to prevent eczema