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Overweight, 40 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

I was very happy to hear from this client that she now feels energetic enough for swimming. She used to pent swimming half a lap.

When she came for weight management, frankly I wasn't confident to help cos she is a chef. Food tasting is her job. The place where she works sells all the food that is to be avoided in our detox diet plan.

She also could not eat on time because while others are eating, that is her busiest time at work. By the time she could eat, her appetite was affected after all the tasting. It was haywire.

She had gastric, was bloated all the time, slept at 1am and woke up at 5.30am. She had cysts and has a metal in her right ankle. At 96.7kg, Visceral Fat at 12, body fat at 49%, she was the highest in body fat% at Body Inc. so far. I found this case challenging not because I was not confident of our detox program, but the fact that she had to taste unhealthy food and sauces the entire day made me doubt if she could see results. When she started, I had to keep encouraging her never to give up, even if she could change 50% of her diet and lifestyle, it was still a good 50%. It may be slow but better than not doing anything about her weight at all. Today, after 2 months, her weight dropped to 91.6kg (lost 5kg), VF at 11 and body fat at 47%.

Her health has improved and I could see she is much more positive. This morning she went Botanic Gardens for a walk.

When we make baby steps towards healthy lifestyle, the positive change in our body stimulates the mind to make further changes. Life begins to change direction when our mind changes. It is possible to be healthy, we just need more encouragement.

Well done my friend!!

Jacelyn Tay 05/08/19

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