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Proper meals help with weight loss.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Yesterday I saw this client who put on 7.5kg in the last 4 yrs. She used to feel bloated the whole day even without eating. Every night she would wake up every hour. She thought something must be very wrong with her. This led her to Body Inc for a detox program.

After 4 days into the detox, she felt more energetic, no more bloating and her visceral fat dropped from 6 to 5. Now she could have at least 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep. She was so happy during our consultation... I was happy for her too.

She was pretty surprised that on our detox program she was allowed to eat proper food and was told not to be hungry.

Her colleagues are on a similar program too but that program only allowed her colleague to eat few spoons of rice for each meal. They were perpetually hungry!

I shook my head. Any detox or weight loss program that requires you to cut down on food to the extent of suffering from hunger will only cause hormonal imbalance and deprivation of nutrients, which leads to sluggish organ functions and eventually rise in visceral fat.

Weight gain from crash diet becomes permanent and one may even put on double once she starts eating normally. Without losing visceral fat, weight can rebound anytime! And without proper meals, the program is never balanced and sustainable.

I heard of a more ridiculous program which only allows 3 glasses of water and 2 fruits daily. Using our common sense, we need water for 92% of our blood is water, what happens when you drink less water? You lose weight. What happens when you go back to drinking normal amount 8 glasses of water after the program? You gain back the weight, plus a host of health problems like constipation and blood clot etc. Period.

Jacelyn Tay 30/01/19

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