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Hair Loss, High LDL Cholesterol, 36 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Kai Jin, a 36 years old dragon boat enthusiast, started losing hair since 16 years old.

She had gone for all kinds of treatments but in vain. Skin specialist claimed that her hair follicles are still healthy. But TCM, acupuncture and hair specialists treatments didn't help grow more hair in each follicle. Her blood test results were all normal. Kai Jin remained puzzled and troubled throughout the past 20 years.

Last year, however, her hair grew back a little after she started eating "better".

She suspected what she needed was nutrients and perhaps improving her digestive system may help.

Kai Jin had very serious bloating. Meat can cause extremely painful stomachache. Salads weakened her legs (脚软). Her legs also experienced numbness and tingling sensation. Constipated, she could go toilet only twice a wk. Dragonfruits helped ease constipation, but cutting carbs worked better.

After analysing her diet which consisted of mainly refined carbs like fried bee hoon/ chee cheong fun/ curry puff and other foods made from flour, I explained that her diet is highly deprived of proper nutrients such as fibre, minerals, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Carb is not the problem, but she took refined carbs which are not proper unrefined complex carbs.

She had been taking multivitamins, she asked why no hair growth?

Well, tablet vitamins can never replace real foods.

One must eat real food and supplements only act as supplementation on top of real food. By filling her stomach w much of wrong refined carbs, the stomach is already so full. There is no space for healthy carbs like rice, veg, fruits. "But I cannot digest meat and veg, I have no choice," she said.

So this is my job - improve her digestive system so she could eat meat and veg again, and hopefully hair can grow more with better nourishment.

She was put on a 21 day detox and nutrition program. During the entire program, she had zero episode of bloating and constipation. In 2 weeks, she lost 2 kg, dropped one level of visceral fat and 2 % body fat.

Now we will work on nourishment for hair growth for the next few month.

Jacelyn Tay 13/05/19

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