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Healthy Weight Loss Needs Nutrients

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

A client came for detox with visceral fat (VF) level at 12. Healthy VF level is 1 to 4. 12 means risk of diseases.

He had knee pain for the past two years. We put him on a detox and nourishment program. After two weeks of detox, he lost 4kg with VF dropped to 11. His knee pain was completely gone and he was very satisfied with the results. To "enhance" his results, he added hot yoga during the detox program, thinking that it would make his weight go down faster. Our team cautioned him to stop yoga.

It didn't make sense to him why he shouldn't exercise during the 21-day detox?

We explained, "With high organ fats, it meant that his organ functions might be sluggish now. What he needed most was rest and not to further stress the body. Supplementation and diet aimed to supply nutrients to his organs while his body recuperate. We do not want to exhaust his qi 气 (energy) during detox. For sure, he must start exercising after the detox, but not now."

During a detox, the body needs to recuperate.

Most people think that weight loss means less calorie intake + more calorie output. With that wrong concept in mind, they go to the extreme in dieting and exercising. However, many fail to take care of their nutritional health. They lose weight but become weak. Adverse impact due to poor nourishment could lead to more hormonal imbalance and fatigue. Weight tends to come back with a vengeance once people stop their crash dieting cum extreme workout and start eating normally.

If you want true healthy weight loss, you need to have consistency in exercising and properly nourish your body. A sick and thin body is not health. One might be slim but look tired and sickly. Worse, nutrient deficiency could lead to more health issues in the long term.

Jacelyn Tay 27/11/2018

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