The art of gardening.

The gardener is likened to the head of a company, the head of a household or any leader who desires to build and maintain a great garden that flowers and bears fruits.

First, the gardener has to know what kind of garden he wants to have.

A flower-bed kind? A herbal garden? A mixture of all?

Then the gardener has to put in his favourite plants to make it happen. He has to understand each plant's character.

Which is suitable to be put in full sunlight? Which are the morning plants? Which plant need afternoon sun and not so wet soil?

Along the way, the gardener has to keep adjusting the place where each plant should be put at, how much water and sunlight for each, which plants need more fertiliser etc.

Some plants simply attract pests. Gardener has to constantly remove the pests. Some plants may be too troublesome because they always attract certain pests that the gardener doesn't like. And these pests infest other plants.

Decision has to be made whether to keep this plant or not.

Some plants need constant pruning in order to blossom. A lot of attention, care and patience are needed in order to maintain a great garden.