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The balance in your diet helps you to lose weight.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

My very adorable client, slightly older than me, made me laugh so much today. In only 5 days, she lost 2.2kg, visceral fat dropped from 6 to 5.

However, she wanted to give up on the detox.

She claimed to be a foodie who loved all kinds of delicious foods. Now she has to eat clean so she finds vegetables and meat hard to swallow. I encouraged her that she could have a happy diet yet still lose weight and gain health. It was my job to customize her diet.

I asked her what did she wish to eat?

We could "negotiate" as long as I could help her find the balance.

Her: Can I eat fried fish? Fried chicken wings? Me: Fried fish is OK. Fried chicken wings cannot. Her: How come? Me: Fried fish u only use oil. Not so bad. Fried chicken wings is with flour right? Flour is a no-no. Her: OK.. how about fried pork with soya sauce and garlic and chicken stock. Me: Can, but without chicken stock cos of the chemicals. Her: I must eat rice or porridge. Me: OK can because your VF has dropped nicely. This was when she tried her luck.

Her: Then can I eat Nasi Lemak? Me: KIV ya? If your detox for next week is good, you may. Her: Can I eat onion? Me: Of course! Onions, garlic, parsley etc are excellent herbs for detox. Her: Good! Me: Wait! What kind of onions are you talking about? The fresh ones ya? Her: Oh... I mean the fried shallots. Me: Wah you were trying to trick me? Lolxx... no dear! Cannot eat that. Garlic power is not fresh garlic. Table salt is not sea salt. I always have to explain that the nutrient level of processed and fresh foods are totally different. And processed foods have chemicals too.

Before she left, she threw me this question,

"咸菜can or not?"

"Cannot la! Preserved foods has nitrates that can harm the stomach lining."

She is really trying her luck lolxxx. But today, she learnt something.

Jacelyn Tay 13/03/19

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