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Eczema, 3 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

One of my client (36 yr old) was really adorable. She signed up our detox program because she wanted to ask me questions about her 3 yr old daughter's eczema problem.

Apparently she asked me on IG if Body Inc. sees children with eczema. I said no, just change the child's diet, skin will heal. Hence, she took up the program herself, saying anyway she wanted to improve her health. You are really a great mother. I gave her advice on her daughter and what to avoid, what to eat more to improve her eczema. After few weeks of changing her diet, the girl's skin reduced from 75% skin covered with eczema to 45% without any supplements or medication. It is still healing now.

For children, the best medicine is food, because the root cause is junk food and poor nutrition. Avoid ALL processed foods if your children are having rashes or eczema and hives. Only eat fresh fruits, veg, meat, fish and rice.

CNY is coming. A few of my eczema clients, after taking some CNY cookies, had their skin flare up again.

When you are suffering from such autoimmune conditions, a piece of cookie can trigger the flareups. All autoimmune clients, please please refrain. My staff and friends know that my house has zero CNY cookies when they visited me. I do not buy them at all. Peanut cookies being the worst. I serve them with fresh fruits and some approved snacks like rice crackers, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds that my boy takes. My house has zero sweet drinks or carbonated water. I will tell my friends, if I know those goodies are detrimental to your health, how can I bear to serve you with those junks? They all know if they wanna feel the CNY mood they have to bring their own cookies ... Lolxx... . This is what happens what you have a health coach as friend.

Jacelyn Tay 08/01/2020

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