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Rosacea, 39 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

When I first saw this client, her face was super dry, raw and burning with a diagnosed skin problem called rosacea.

No cream can help skin recover as any kind of moisturizer will cause "burning" to her face. She was very very cautious about whatever we suggested to her because anything could trigger the itch and burning sensation.

I had to assure her we have successful cases of rosacea totally recovered, so ... relax.

How did she end up with rosacea?

It all started with AHA treatment for her acne. The harsh treatment triggered eczema and her face became itchy. She was given steroid which further triggered rosacea. By then, she had acne, raw burning skin which was itchy and dry. She stopped her steroid and was prescribed antibiotics and antihistamine. She took them for four months to control the itch and acne. Her doctor advised that she could just continue to take the medicine till her skin was better. However, little bumps started to appear on her arms. She knew that was not good for her body, it would only get worse with never-ending drugs. Hence she seeked the natural way of healing at Body Inc.. At first, she was very worried about stopping her antibiotics and antihistamine. What if acne appear with a vengeance? What if the itch can't stop? . She was put on a 21-day detox program. We weaned her off the drugs on the 3rd day. She was doing very OK. Acne didn't appear. No more itch now and the little bumps on her arms almost disappeared. Yesterday when I saw her, she reported that her face was not so dry anymore. Lines on the forehead disappeared and her cheeks seemed to have built a thin protective layer, but still burning.

It takes time for the skin to rebuild, I assured.

Jacelyn Tay 08/05/19

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