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Treating eczema.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

I wanna share about eczema recovery.

Yesterday my client reported to me that only after 1 week on Body Inc.'s nourishment and detox program, the skin on her chest and legs are not dry anymore. And the scars from her past eczema episodes are recovering fast. Best part is her energy level has gone up. No more fatigue. Her visceral fat gone down from 3 to 2.

She is very happy that she can now eat more yet lose weight and fats. Her food intake is as such: Breakfast: Body Inc. supplements + blueberries + strawberries Lunch: stir-fried cabbage + beef Snack: white fungus + gingko/popiah fillings Dinner: various mushroom +black fungus + fish

These are examples of what you can eat during a detox program.

Yes! YOU CAN EAT! And UNLIMITED amount of the above foods. We do not count calories. Calories doesn't determine your metabolism & weight loss.

What we want is nutrients, nutrients & more nutrients going into your body. The difficult part is, most people with eczema and other autoimmune disorders suffer from leaky gut and poor digestive system.

What to eat, how to eat, and when to eat is something clients have to relearn.

And it varies with each individual too. My job is to teach them how to listen to their body. Body with overloaded toxins tend to react to nutritious food if you do not detox. Those who had taken years of antihistamine and steroid will find it takes a much longer time (6 months to a year) to recover as compared to those who don't (1 to 3 months to recover), due to the drugs that may still be stuck in the body. But still, you CAN recover with a healthy diet and a restful mind.

Emotions is a big factor in worsening eczema. We have to treat the mind, body & soul at the same time.

If your kid has eczema, please do not give them drugs & more drugs. What they need is to eat right, stop the sugar and any other food that causes inflammation, and nourish them with water, proper cooked food and love. Stress can worsen the condition. Let your kid be who they really are. Most of the time, parents are the cause.

Jacelyn Tay 20/02/19

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