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Wisdom, the path to natural healing.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Are u in a job dat makes u feel super happy waking up to and it inspires you & others? Work takes up at least 8hrs out of our 24hrs, a third of our lives.

If u r unhappy in your work environment, a third of your life is in agony...

Yesterday wrapped up my last few health coaching consultations before CNY. I switched path fm acting to health business 14 yrs ago. It took courage and faith. When I look back, I never regret. Yesterday one client told me she no longer needed daily 8 pills of Extra Strong panadols (CASE CS01387-2) for her frequent migraine. Since she stepped into Body Inc. she had no more migraine. Her mild eczema and hives recovered 80 to 90% within 21days. She used to take laxatives as she cld only move her bowel once in 3 to 4 days. Now she poops daily without laxatives. I saw a few more clients yesterday who are healed too. This keeps me going. A friend of mine, professor in Botany and University lecturer, warned me about doing business in the preventative medicine.

He said, "No one is going to thank u for helping them prevent a disease because they don't even know they are getting there if you haven't helped them change their diet, lifestyle and wrong thinking. The world only appreciate lies that give quick results and short-term gains."

A decade ago during a talk to NUS students abt wellness & health, a student asked me," How are you going to convince people that healing and wellness take time when we are in the instant noodles era? " Frankly I wanted to give up so many times in the last 14yrs. But whenever I see people stuck in sickness, I tell myself they don't have to. Only if there is someone who tell them that fear, bitterness, pride, greed, ignorance etc r the root of diseases. Yesterday one client who had gone through stage 1 cancer kept asking me what to eat and she feared eating the wrong thing.

First words I shared were, "U hv recovered! You must not think u r going to be sick. Do not fear! Fear itself can cause cancer."

Just let go of old ways of thinking and renew your mind about life. It is wrong thinking that causes us to strive in slavery.

The body has amazing innate healing ability. We just need wisdom.

Jacelyn Tay 22/01/2020

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