You just have to live right again. At least, try. Don't give up.

Many a times we wonder why, despite eating all the so-called healthy food and vigorously exercising, we still feel fatigue, have skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes etc, bloating, water retention and weight problems.

These are the questions we got to start asking:

1. Are the so-called healthy food right for you?

2. Can exercise remove toxins like heavy metals mercury, aluminium etc if toxins are the root of your problem?

3. By continuing eating gluten, dairy and sugars which feed viruses/fungi/bad organisms in your body, will a bit of healthy eating help at all?

4. Do medicine really cure? Or do they only help to control the condition while your body waits for you to do the right thing to allow healing?

5. Did you give ample time to allow total detox to happen?

6. A condition in you for a decade or more didn't happen overnight. How long do you think your body needs to detox decades of rubbish inside?