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Life can be beautiful, if you can discover its mystery.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Our client who suffered from depression was out of it finally. She stopped all her anxiety medication.

She was indeed looking jovial recently.

When she first came to Body Inc in Oct 2019, she was in a very bad shape. Crying, shivering, couldn't breathe, pain in her body, acid reflux, panic attack. She was in great fear as she was going through a divorce. Her child was only 5 years old.

As a health coach, what I could do was to give her strength. "Look, your child needs you. You cannot afford to be down. The love for your child will strengthen you. Perfect love casts out fear. You will be able to overcome this because of your love for your child."

I asked her to FOCUS. What could bring her joy?

She said singing, playing with her child and window shopping.

"Do it!" I said.

"Go find your joy. When joy comes in, just like good nutrients, slowly the mind and body can function properly again."

She asked if she would ever be well. I said yes! Today when I see her, I feel so happy for her. We were joking about many things. She said, "I want to thank you. You (and other clients) give me a purpose in life."

We all are learning from each other each day about humanity and humility. I wish everybody can discover their passion and purpose in life which truly satisfy our heart.

We are here to live a good, meaningful life. Believe that life can be beautiful, if you can discover its mystery.

Jacelyn Tay 05/03/2020

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