Your diet affects your energy levels.

Case Studies : Pre-hypertension, fart non-stop, 48 yr old.

This client had very bad bloating and serious flatulence. She was often bloated, fart a lot and the gas she let out (every minute for hours) was very smelly. Occasionally she suffered from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). She also had pre-hypertension and anemia. Her doctor prescribed iron tablets and asked her to monitor her blood pressure which was at 140 to 150.

Her diet was mainly peanut butter bread with coffee for breakfast. Lunch and dinner were too much gluten, processed foods and lack of fruits and vegetables.

After 9 days of detox, she lost 3kg, dropped 1 level of Visceral Fat from 7 to 6 and she is not so tired now.

Anemic people usually gets tired easily.

Supplements we gave her did help her a lot in terms of energy. Now she doesn't need coffee anymore. Best of all, farting only occasional. Her daughter, who used to complain about her smelly flatulence commented that now her mummy seldom has it anymore. By the end of her 21days detox, she lost 5kg and her blood pressure is now stabilized at 110 to 120.

- Jacelyn Tay 15/07/19

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