Your source of fuel for energy comes from proper complex carbs.

Case Studies: Weight Management, low in iron, 52 yr old.

Proud of my model client Quee Ching. She bought a rice cooker and cooks her lunch at her office desk everyday. Thankfully her office has a fridge where she can keep fresh veg/meat for cooking. I applaud such company which allows staff to cook and provides a good pantry. She is so inspiring that I thought her case is worth sharing to motivate office ladies who find it hard to eat out healthily.

History Quee Ching was not accepted for blood donation since 10yrs ago because of low blood iron. Menopausing now, her hands and feet were cold, she had difficulty in sleeping, started putting on weight in 2015 (probably due to pre-menopause). She embarked on exercises 3 times a wk - twice high impact, plus zumba or pilates, but she still couldn't lose weight. She craved for all kinds of food all the time.

Bloated and always had gas stuck in her tummy, she had constipation and her bowel movement was only once in 2-3days. Recently there were a lot of clots in her menses.

For the last 2 years her breakfast had been a tuna bun, lunch was tuna too. She didn't like rice so she skipped it. I told her that was why she had all kinds of cravings. Zero proper complex carbs - a proper source of fuel for energy. Her high impact exercises do require proper nutrition.

I put her on a detox and nourishmen